Indoor Lights

High Performance indoor lights that suits your interior.

Lighting is an often underestimated part of our homes and businesses. Besides having a huge impact on aesthetics and functionality, it can also have profound effects on your mood, emotions, and wellbeing.

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Outdoor Lights

Best Brands and pricing for outdoor lights in Qatar.

Having a wide range of outdoor lights that can create an effective streetscape involves selecting products that not only blend with the architecture, but also suit their surroundings.

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Exit & Emergency Lights

No 1 supplier of Exit & Emergency Lights in Qatar.

Versailles provides complete solutions for your exit & emergency lighting needs. While complying with current exit & emergency lighting regulations.

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Electric Switches & Sockets

Best Brands & Design that we can offer.

Versailles has managed to capture the attention of its customer & contractors in Qatar. It started with a humble vision of supplying electrical products with outstanding quality and with best pricing.

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Wire & Accessories

Best Quality Electrical Products.

We offers a variety of wire, wiring tools to electrical accessories that meet most of your electrical project needs.

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